Faster Payments Professionals Certificate Project Team

The Faster Payments Professional certificate program is the first of its kind in the industry. The program will provide a holistic view of faster payments, including current offerings – such as Same Day ACH and RTP®. Project team members help design the program, including what it will take for professionals to earn and maintain the FPP certificate.

Former Project Teams and Resources

ACH Quick Start Tool Project Team

Completed Work in 2022

This team developed two interactive tools to help small and medium-sized businesses more readily understand how they can use ACH to make and receive payments for a variety of use cases. The ACH Quick Start Tool, an interactive online resource, helps businesses with B2B and B2C payments. After completing this work and providing recommendations for a Non Profit Quick Start Tool the team disbanded in 2022.

Visit the ACH Quick Start Tool

Conversational Payments Project Team

Completed Work in 2022

The Conversational Payments team addressed the emerging channel where consumers use voice assistants, smart speakers and other devices and technology to conduct banking or make payments. The team recently finished publishing a series of Executive Briefs on the topic.

View the Executive Briefing Series