AAP & APRP CEC Guidelines Updated

Effective November 16, 2021

The AAP Blue Ribbon Panel and the APRP Oversight Panel voted to remove the maximum number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) that can be earned via self-study. The AAP and APRP Continuing Education Guidelines now allow for a maximum of 20 hours per year earned via self-study.

You are still required to fulfill your 60 hour CEC requirement during your certification period, but this now allows you to obtain all of the maximum 20 hours earned in calendar year 2021 via self-study, and also applies to credits earned in future years.

Both Nacha and the Payments Associations provide many opportunities for webinars or other distance learning and we encourage you to visit the Nacha website and the Center for Payments to learn more about upcoming education offerings.

If you are eligible to file 2021 CECs, but have not done so, please note the deadline to file is March 31, 2022. Late filings will be accepted April 1-30, 2022 for an additional $50 late fee.

Please contact us with any questions.