2022 Call for Nominations

Welcome to the 2022 Call for Nominations process.

Nominations closed on Friday, November 5, 2021.

If you have any questions please contact meetings@nacha.org. 


ACH Rules Enforcement Panel

Role and Operation: This panel falls under the National System of Fines and is the final authority regarding the imposition of fines when there is a violation of the Nacha Operating Rules. Panel members make decisions in accordance with Appendix Nine (Rules Enforcement) of the Rules. Members participate in monthly conference calls. 

Composition: The panel is comprised of a primary and alternate representative from each of the following industry participants:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank
  • A private-sector ACH Operator
  • A large asset size commercial bank or savings institution (greater than $100 billion)
  • A medium asset size commercial bank or savings institution ($5 billion to $100 billion)
  • A small asset size commercial bank or savings institution (less than $5 billion)
  • A credit union
  • A Payments Association

At this time, Nacha is soliciting nominations for primary and alternative representatives for: 

  • Medium asset size commercial bank or savings institution ($5 billion to $100 billion)
  • Large asset size commercial bank or savings institution (greater than $100 billion)
  • Payments Association

Alternate representatives participate when the primary member is unavailable or when a conflict of interest exists. 

Participant Expectations: The ACH Rules Enforcement Panel requires a high level of participation due to the nature of the work. Five of the seven panel members or alternates must be present on a conference call to constitute a quorum in order for the panel to conduct business. 

In addition to participation in monthly conference calls, panel members must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the ACH Network and Rules. Preference will be given to nominees that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  1. Accredited ACH Professional
  2. Minimum of three years ACH payments experience
  3. Previous participation on Nacha Rules & Operations Committee, Nacha Standing Committee, Rules Work Group, Nacha’s Board of Directors, or an individual serving in an official capacity for a Payments Association


Risk Management Advisory Group

Role and Operation: The Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) is dedicated to establishing sound business practices for risk management, developing rules necessary to assure ongoing strength and stability, and improving quality in the ACH Network. RMAG advises the Nacha Board and works with staff to guide and implement the risk management strategy. RMAG plays a vital role in developing and promulgating a comprehensive approach to Network risk management, working with Nacha staff and key industry stakeholders to produce sound business practices and rules recommendations, and to share findings with payments professionals across payments channels.

Composition: The panel is comprised of 12 to 18 volunteer members including the chairperson of the Risk Management Advisory Group, ACH Network professionals drawn from the Nacha family, and Nacha staff. 

Nacha Direct Financial Institution Members, Payments Associations and financial institution members of Payments Associations are eligible to participate in Nacha’s RMAG.  In addition, liaisons from the ACH Operators are eligible to participate. 

No more than one representative from an organization will serve on RMAG at the same time.

Participant Expectations: RMAG participants should have a thorough understanding of payments risk management and the ACH Network. RMAG participants should be in a high-level, decision-making position at their respective financial institutions. AAP or APRP accreditation is desirable but not required.

Because of the sensitive nature of RMAG discussions, members are expected to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

RMAG members are expected to participate in monthly workgroup and full group conference calls. More frequent calls may be required from time to time. RMAG members are expected to participate in in-person meetings (generally twice per year) to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, all RMAG members should participate in at least one work group. Work groups are formed to address specific risk management initiatives and projects. Participation in workgroups may include conference calls as well as in person meetings.