AeroPay Express

Nacha Preferred Partner for B2B Electronic Payment Enablement

The AeroPay Express “Virtual Credit Card” opens a new world of possibilities to buyers, sellers and bankers. AeroPay Express offers AP credit lines from $50,000 to $5 million to credit worthy buyers that they can use to buy goods and services anywhere in the world. AeroPay Express is similar to a business credit card, only bigger, better and smarter. Unlike credit cards that require both the buyer and the seller to be part of a network, AeroPay Express can be used by any business, any time, any place. Like a credit card, it is the seller, not the buyer who pays for the service whereby the seller accepts a small discount for early payment when they ship. The sellers gets money for goods when they are accepted, and the buyer gets 30, 60, 90 days to pay the invoice. It’s a win, win, win all around.

The AeroPay Express Channel Affiliate program allows banks and financial institutions the ability to co-brand the AeroPay Express AP Lending platform to a wide variety of customers and industries. With AeroPay Express, banks and financial institutions can offer a more robust alternative to traditional P-Cards and develop a closer lending relationship with customers. Offering AeroPay Express not only expands lending relationships, AeroPay Express AP credit lines offer high yields and are credit insured by the nation’s number one credit insurer, all at no cost to the borrower or financial institution. AeroPay Express AP credit lines will set your institution apart from the competition. Join the fintech revolution. Join AeroPay Express.

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