Corporate Relations

Engaging Corporate End Users of the ACH Network

Increase Awareness of ACH and Assess Opportunities for Businesses

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Engaging corporations and businesses provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the value of ACH payments, and allows NACHA to receive critical input on ACH payments needs, challenges and opportunities.

NACHA collaborates with numerous associations with business members on education and other interactions to promote greater awareness of the role of NACHA and to identify the opportunities and challenges around electronic payments, particularly ACH payments.  The collaborations focus on associations that represent strategic and core payment processing personnel such as CFOs, accounts payable, accounts receivable, treasury, credit management, and even IT who support business payment strategy and payment processes.

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Benefits of NACHA's Corporate Relations

Corporate and Business Association Collaboration and Related Activities 

NACHA collaborates with associations and other groups through a number of initiatives including:

  • Presenting education and case studies at association conferences and webinars
  • Creating specialized payment-focused tracks for in-person events
  • Conducting member surveys on electronic payments
  • Developing specialized resources that target specific association memberships
  • Expanding association accreditation certificate/certification offerings to include electronic payments
  • Establishing electronic payment forums to facilitate ongoing dialog between events
  • Consulting on specific member payment issues

Associations and related groups that participate in NACHA's Corporate Relations initiative benefit from being able to leverage NACHA’s subject matter expertise to deliver greater value to their members. NACHA benefits from these interactions as well by expanding awareness of the ACH Network and NACHA’s role, as well as gaining valuable insight into corporate and business user needs and opportunities for further innovation on the Network.

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