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Payments is a complex business. Recognizing and understanding the impact payments can have on your business is key to success. Having an expert partner to help you navigate through the complexities to get to your desired end state will ensure your business thrives.

Elevation is a new service offering of NACHA -The Electronic Payments Association. When it comes to payments, we get it. Our network of payments experts are recognized industry leaders with years of experience in all aspects of electronic payments - checks, cards, wires, ACH and more.

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Our Services

Through Elevation, businesses can gain intimate access to the foremost authorities on payments, providing for individualized knowledge sharing and collaboration to help you cut costs, maximize profits, and increase performance.

Our experts can provide any number of services tailored to the specific needs or desired outcomes of your business including:

  • Enablement Services
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Cost Studies
  • In-house Expertise Development
  • And more...
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Our Clients

Elevation supports financial institutions and businesses of all sizes and varieties from start-ups and innovators to small businesses and larger corporations. Our work supports companies that want to explore the possibility of integrating electronic payments into their offerings and those that already process electronic payments, whether they process a larger volume of payments or just a few payments each month. Regardless, our services help you lower costs, increase efficiency and drive innovation.

“I can’t tell you how much NACHA’s work has helped. In particular, NACHA’s assistance in mapping out the entire CTW process and in raising questions about areas for further investigation was of tremendous value. Also, the fact that NACHA documented the process and optional outcomes was a huge bonus.”
                                                                                                   – Paul Lamb, Co-Founder, Change the World (CTW)
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