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2019 NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines

The ACH Network is thriving, moving an estimated 23 billion payments and transferring $50 trillion in 2018. As ACH payments become faster and smarter, amendments to the NACHA Operating Rules addressed expanding the capabilities of Same Day ACH, while also focusing on risk management and compliance.

In 2018, a number of important amendments were made to the NACHA Operating Rules:

• Three rules to enhance Same Day ACH – 1) sooner funds availability; 2) a higher dollar limit; and 3) longer processing hours.

• Four rules to improve risk management and compliance – 1) a return for a questionable transaction; 2) supplementing the fraud detection standards for WEB debits; 3) supplementing the existing data security requirements; and 4) streamlining the presentation of the annual ACH Rules compliance audit.

• Several other minor changes to the Rules include editorial changes to improve clarity or readability of language; changes to correct inconsistencies; changes to clarify intent and minor modifications to reflect current practices.


Access to the Rules & Guidelines helps to identify new opportunities to leverage the ACH Network to meet customer’s needs, while maintaining a clear understanding of network requirements.

The Rules include the legal framework for the ACH Network, and the basic obligations of each ACH Network participant. Additionally, the included appendices contain details on Rules enforcement, annual audit requirements, a complete table of return reason codes and formatting specifications.

The Guidelines expands on the Rules, providing complete discussions of each ACH Network participant type and its role and responsibilities, detailed overviews of the Standard Entry Class Codes and use-case examples in special topic areas, such as Third-Party Service Providers.

Available formats: Online Resource,  Digital Access (ebook) and Print
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ACH Risk Management Handbook

ACH participants must take action to control risk in any payment system — including the ACH Network. The 6th edition explains the types of ACH payments risk, assesses the operational implications and provides sound business practices for developing an effective risk management program. In addition, case studies are included in each chapter to offer realistic examples to assist you in evaluating and implementing your risk management program.

Additional formats: Digital Access

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Third-Party Senders & the ACH Network

Third-Party Senders & the ACH Network is designed primarily for use by ODFIs and those Third-Party Service Providers that act in the specific role of Third-Party Senders. This publication provides a review of the variations in legal requirements and processing obligations relating to the origination of ACH entries when a Third-Party Service Provider, acting as a Third-Party Sender, is involved in the origination of transactions through the ACH Network. This edition reflects the latest NACHA Operating Rules changes, offers real-world examples of Third-Party Sender relationships, and includes sound business practices, risk management topics and a checklist of issues to be addressed by ODFIs, Originators, and Third-Party Senders in processing agreements. 

Additional formats:  Digital Access



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Revised Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A and the ACH Network (UCC4A)

Evaluates the impact of UCC 4A on security procedures and bank/corporate agreements. Includes Article 4A with staff commentary. For financial institutions and corporations that handle ACH wholesale credits. (Updated 2016)

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ACH Compliance Manual - 8th Edition

In addition to the requirements the NACHA Operating Rules, this comprehensive manual covers a general overview of related Federal Regulations on topics, such as, authorizations, disclosures, processing, funds availability, settlement, error resolution, returns, reversals, retention, audit, all Standard Entry Class Codes and more. Also featured in this 8th edition is a chapter devoted to Same Day ACH that became effective in September 2016. Helpful compliance tips are included as well as a resource list and glossary of terms. (Updated 2016)

Additional Formats: Digital Access