How to Get Accredited

Steps to ACH Professional Accreditation

Prepare, Take the Exam and Get Certified

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As a future Accredited ACH Professional, it’s critical that you take an active role in your education by properly preparing for the exam. Passing the AAP exam certifies that you’re an expert in the field; as such, it tests your knowledge across a broad range of ACH and payments-related information. Use NACHA and your Regional Payments Association’s resources to ensure that you’re ready for the exam, and once you’ve passed, make sure you understand how to maintain your status as an AAP.

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Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation as an ACH Professional means that you’re a subject matter expert: you’ll be your company’s go-to person for all ACH-related questions, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with other ACH professionals to further the security and efficiency of payments systems. ACH professionals both new and experienced benefit from the accreditation process.

AAP: The Gold Standard in Payments Accreditation

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Get Your Accreditation

Before you’re accredited, you’ll need to demonstrate knowledge of the NACHA Operating Rules, the ACH Network and other payments systems, technical and operational ACH requirements, risk management, and payments-related regulations across channels. The AAP exam window is in October of each year; registration begins in mid-January.
Once you register for the exam, you’ll receive The Accredited ACH Professional Handbook, which will help you get ready for the exam. Other good study resources include NACHA’s Buddy Program, The Payments Institute, training sessions at Regional Payments Associations, and publications from our eStore.
To take the test, you must first register online with NACHA. We’ll follow up with an email outlining how to arrange a convenient time, date, and location for your AAP exam.

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Maintain Your Accreditation

Passing the AAP exam proves your expertise in the payments industry. Because the industry is constantly changing, it’s critical that you stay up-to-date on new Rules, regulations and products.
Every AAP must earn 60 credits of Continuing Education during the five-year accreditation period, with no more than 20 credits earned in any one year. One credit is awarded for each 50-minute period you’re involved in a qualifying Continuing Education activity.
You can earn Continuing Education Credits in a number of different ways. For instance, you could attend a seminar, volunteer on certain NACHA or RPA committees, publish an article, or teach continuing education-qualified material. For a more comprehensive listing of activities, see our Continuing Education page.
New AAPs are allowed to begin earning credits as of January 1st of the year after they pass the exam. Credits for all AAPs are filed the spring of the year after they’re earned: the regular filing deadline is March 31st, and late filing is April 30th. Any AAP who hasn’t met the Continuing Education requirements in the fourth or fifth year of his or her accreditation can retake the AAP exam.

To submit your continuing education credits, use the form in the right-hand sidebar.