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NACHA offers a wide variety of valuable membership options to meet your organization’s needs. Participating through a Direct Financial Institution membership, joining the Payments Innovation Alliance, connecting through the Affiliate program or attaining membership in a Regional Payments Association can help position you and your organization as a payment systems leader.

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Direct Financial Institution Membership

Help shape the future of the ACH Network and the NACHA Operating Rules. Direct Financial Institution members are active participants in NACHA’s efforts to educate and advocate for the ACH Network with regulators, legislators, and other stakeholder organizations whose policies affect the payments system.

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Afinis Interoperability Standards Membership

Afinis furthers the work of NACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance Application Programming Interface (API) Standardization Industry Group (ASIG) to now advance API standardization efforts across the financial services ecosystem through formal governance, and includes the work of Interactive Financial eXchange Forum (IFX). Join the effort to further standardization and interoperability within the financial services industry. 

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Payments Innovation Alliance Membership

Position your organization as a payments system leader and transform the industry through innovation and thought leadership. Learn more about The Alliance, a membership program consisting of more than 200 companies and organizations.

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Affiliate Program Membership

Stay connected with NACHA and the developments impacting the ACH Network. The Affiliate Program is an entry-level membership option for organizations who want to stay current and expand their knowledge on the NACHA Operating Rules while also helping to influence and enhance the quality of electronic payments moving through the ACH Network.