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The ACH Network is thriving, moving an estimated 23 billion payments and transferring $50 trillion in 2018. As ACH payments become faster and smarter, amendments to the Nacha Operating Rules addressed expanding the capabilities of Same Day ACH, while also focusing on risk management and compliance.

In 2018, a number of important amendments were made to the Nacha Operating Rules:

  • Three rules to enhance Same Day ACH – 1) sooner funds availability; 2) a higher dollar limit; and 3) longer processing hours.
  • Four rules to improve risk management and compliance – 1) a return for a questionable transaction; 2) supplementing the fraud detection standards for WEB debits; 3) supplementing the existing data security requirements; and 4) streamlining the presentation of the annual ACH Rules compliance audit.
  • Several other minor changes to the Rules include editorial changes to improve clarity or readability of language; changes to correct inconsistencies; changes to clarify intent and minor modifications to reflect current practices.

Although various versions of the  Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines  are available for purchase (online resource, digital access and print), the printed version of the Rules governs in the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency.

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