National System of Fines Report of Possible ACH Rules Violation Form

In order to file an ACH Rules Violation, you must be a Depository Financial Institution (DFI) or an ACH Operator. If you are not a DFI or Operator, please contact your financial institution and they can file on your behalf.

You have the option to download and print out the instructions for filling out the form before attempting to submit a possible rules violation. Other documentation you may need is the Supporting Documentation Quick Reference. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Directions/Worksheet and the Supporting Documentation Quick Reference.

Please note the following:

  1. If you leave the process idle for 20 minutes, it will time out and any work you have done will be lost.
  2. Supporting documents (text files, MSWord files, scanned images) can be uploaded in this process so we recommend you have all the relevant supporting documents ready to be uploaded when you start this process.
  3. If you have any comments, questions, etc., please contact us at or call NACHA at 703.561.1100 and ask for the Compliance Department.


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