Report a Violation

Maintaining ACH Network Quality

Support Nacha Operating Rules Compliance by Reporting Violations

By requiring participants to comply with the Nacha Operating Rules, Nacha maintains a high-quality, secure ACH Network. It's essential that non-compliance issues be resolved fairly and efficiently in order to provide financial institutions and end-users with a reliable Network. To that end, Nacha employs the National System of Fines as an enforcement mechanism for the Rules, allowing Depository Financial Institutions to review, evaluate and correct the circumstances surrounding any possible Rule violation.

Nacha's Members support Rules compliance by reporting those violations, using the procedures below.

The National System of Fines

The National System of Fines provides the structure for evaluating possible Rules violations. Through a formal system of warnings and fines, it corrects infractions and helps ACH Network participants to remain within the Rules' boundaries.

Instructions for Filing

If your organization or financial institution discovers a potential infraction, it should submit the issue to Nacha through a Report of Possible ACH Rules Violation. As the complainant, your organization must be a Participating DFI or ACH Operator that is party to the transaction in question. If that's not the case, your financial institution can file on your behalf.

To submit that report, you'll need the following information:

  • Your contact and organization information, as well as your participant status (ODFI, RDFI, ACH Operator or other).
  • A clear description of the alleged violation, including the sequence of events and consequences of the violation.
  • The specific Rule provision alleged to be violated.
  • Transaction type information:
    • SEC Code
    • Transaction Code
    • Settlement Date
    • Dollar Amount
    • Trace Number
    • Account Number
    • Date of Alleged Rules Violation
    • Copies of all relevant documents with your report, such as Company/Batch Header Records, Entry Detail Records or Addenda Records.
    • Any written communication between the complainant and party in alleged violation of the Rules.
    • Signature of an authorized representative of the complainant.

Your report must be submitted to Nacha within 90 days of the alleged Rules violation occurrence. If you feel that more than one Participating DFI has committed the same Rules violation, you must submit a separate report for each case.

Each Report of Possible ACH Rules Violation should be either submitted online (Nacha's preferred method), or downloaded, completed and sent to Nacha, Attn: Compliance Department, 2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 400, Herndon, VA 20171.

Resources for Rules Violations: