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Effective risk management, with a continued focus on quality and efficiency, supports ACH Network growth and innovation.

To ensure that the ACH Network maintains the highest level of safety and security for its participants, NACHA works with the industry to employ a comprehensive Risk Management Strategy. This strategy allows for new opportunities and applications to thrive, while ensuring the safety, security and integrity of ACH payments. Our work as an industry guarantees that the ACH Network remains one of the safest available means of moving payments and information.

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Risk Management Registrations and Services

Through collaboration with the industry, NACHA provides financial institutions with several key vehicles for effective risk mitigation. These strategies come into play both during the development and implementation of risk management programs, and they’re commensurate with the inherent risk in ACH origination activities:

  • Requiring ODFIs to register their Direct Access Status
  • Providing a means of reporting ACH data breaches
  • Maintaining the Terminated Originator Database

ACH Network participants who practice sound risk management contribute to NACHA’s collective ability to ensure a safe and secure payments Network for the industry.