Volante Technologies

Preferred Partner for Payments as a Service

Volante Technologies is a global provider of software to accelerate digital transformation and modernization in financial services. We are a trusted partner to over 90 clients in 35 countries, including banks, market infrastructures, exchanges, clearing houses, corporate treasuries, and card networks.

Our U.S. Payments as a Service offering, powered by VolPay™, Volante’s ecosystem of business services for payments modernization, combines corporate to bank connectivity, corporate onboarding, and end-to-end processing of US domestic and cross-border payments in a secure on-demand cloud-managed service. To accelerate corporate onboarding, the service handles diverse corporate ERP and acknowledgment formats, including ISO 20022, and automates corporate to bank connectivity through a comprehensive API library. To facilitate efficient processing of payments from capture through to clearing and settlement, the service handles all US payment types including Fedwire, ACH/Same Day ACH, TCH RTP, Zelle and SWIFT cross-border.

A leader in ISO 20022 transformation, Volante has collaborated with Nacha on the development of Nacha's ISO 20022 Validator. A complement to Nacha's ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool, the Validator tests conformity of ISO 20022 payment instructions to ACH file formats. 

As a result of Volante’s commitment to providing the most advanced solutions to our customers, our clients are able to stay ahead of emerging market trends, become more competitive, deliver superior customer experiences, and grow their businesses through innovation.

For more information, read the announcement or visit Volante.

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