Webinars FAQ

What's contained in my email confirmation and why is it so important?
How soon can I expect my email confirmation after I register?
What time zone are NACHA webinars conducted?
Where do I get the webinar handouts?
How many people can listen in on the webinar call?
What's included on the post-webinar recording?

What's contained in my email confirmations and why are they so important?

Email confirmations are extremely important and sent via email to the individual registrant. The initial email confirms that we have processed your registration and have received your payment.

The second confirmation provides the following information:

  1. The webinar audio and online access information 
  2. Verifies the time and date of the webinar (Eastern Time)
  3. Important technical support information.

Participants are encouraged to print out a copy of the confirmation email so that it can be easily referred to on the day of the webinar.

How soon can I expect my email confirmation after I register?

You should receive an email confirmation immediately after registering online or within a few hours after submitting a registrations form via secure fax. Registrations made via surface mail with paper check as payment method are subject to standard postal and lockbox processing, and can take as much as 10 to 12 business days. Both the payment and event access confirmations are sent to the webinar registrant only via email. Confirmations for payment of online registrations should be received immediately after payment processing by NACHA.

What time zone are NACHA webinars conducted?

All NACHA webinars are conducted in the Eastern Time Zone.

How can I access/download the webinar presentation?

Handout materials are posted to the handout section of the webinar room and are accessible when the webinar begins.

How many people can participate in on the webinar?

As many as can fit in your office, conference room or wherever you are calling from. Your registration provides both audio and online access to the webinar on a single telephone line and computer. There is no limit as to how many people can listen in on the call as long as they are using the same telephone line and online access.

If you plan to have people participating from multiple locations on different phone lines, a separate registration is required along with a separate registration fee for each telephone and online access used.

What's included on the post-webinar recording?

Shortly after the conclusion of a webinar, a complete recorded version of the webinar will become available for purchase. The recording contains the audio portion of the webinar  with a corresponding visual of the presentation, polling questions and other materials referenced during the webinar. Webinar Recordings are hosted on our GoToWebinar site. Please see the individual webinar page for specific requirements.