November 30, 2020

XML-ACH Remittance (XML-ACH)

The XML-ACH allows businesses to safely and securely transmit ISO 20022 approved payment remittance information for B2B transactions in a standardized XML format via the ACH Network.

How It Works

The XML-ACH Program defines rules for the exchange of ISO 20022 formatted remittance messages between opt-in participants. These rules define participant roles, requirements and warranties, and refer to the ISO 20022 catalog of messages for the data dictionary and schema for initiating transactions.

Key Features

  • ISO 20022 approved remittance formats
  • Nacha defined tool for mapping to ISO 20022 remittance messages
  • Opt-in usage for financial institutions, service providers and corporates
  • Identical process flow compared to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Harmonization between ACH formatting and wire transfer formatting (ISO 20022)

What’s In It For You?

Participants enjoy better efficiency, improved automation and flexibility in the payment processing life cycle. Additional benefits include:

  • Facilitate greater flexibility and modern formats for B2B transactions
  • Enable electronic remittance exchanges with small/midsize companies
  • Develop additional revenue streams for payments remittance services
  • Leverage greater usage of XML in financial services
  • Provide straight-through processing of payment-related information

Participate in the Program

Financial institutions and service providers offering payment origination or receivables services to financial institutions and corporates may participate in the XML-ACH Program. XML-ACH data is available for use with ACH Network CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange) credit transactions among organizations that specifically opt-in to this Nacha program.

Read the Rules

All participants must complete an agreement with Nacha. This both ensures compliance with the Rules and certifies participants’ eligibility for sending and receiving XML-formatted remittance addenda records. For further information and details, view the XML-ACH Rules and Opt-In Participant Agreement through the Nacha Operating Rules, or try a Demo of XML-ACH Remittance.


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