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Added December 15th, 2014

AAP Recognition Day



On February 13, 2018, Nacha — The Electronic Payments Association will partner with the Regional Payments Associations to honor more than 4,500 Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP) as part of National AAP Recognition Day. Celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of February, National AAP Recognition Day highlights the importance of the AAP accreditation, as well as celebrates the achievements and contributions of AAPs nationwide.  This year, Nacha, the Regional Payments Associations, and more than 1,700 organizations will be celebrating National AAP Recognition Day in unique ways across the country. 

Nacha Welcomes 311 new AAPs!

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Nacha is pleased to welcome the newly-accredited AAPs. These individuals successfully passed the 2017 AAP exam and are joining the ranks of more than 4,500 AAPs nationally.

Ways to Celebrate

Nacha and the Regional Payments Associations will commemorate National AAP Recognition Day by flying a U.S. flag over the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.  The flag will then be awarded to one lucky AAP at the annual AAP Reception at Nacha's PAYMENTS conference. PAYMENTS 2018 will be held April 29 - May 1, 2018 in San Diego, California. For more information or to register for PAYMENTS, visit PAYMENTS 2018

What can you do to celebrate? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Take your AAPs to lunch or celebrate with an all-staff lunch.
  • Have your staff sign a “thank you” card to present to your AAPs.
  • Send a congratulatory email or letter to your AAPs and copy the staff.
  • Use the AAP Recognition Day logo wherever appropriate.
  • Buy your AAPs a cake and share it with the rest of the staff.

History of AAP Recognition Day

AAP Recognition Day began in 2006, when four Regional Payments Associations – EPCOR (formerly MPX and Payments Central), SWACHA, UMACHA, and WACHA – instituted the second Tuesday in February as a day to acknowledge AAP-credentialed individuals from member organizations. In 2009, Nacha partnered with the Regional Payments Associations and launched the initiative nationwide.

About the AAP

AAP accreditation establishes an individual’s credibility, professional competency, and expertise within the payments industry. Organizations with AAP-credentialed staff serve as industry leaders and the go-to organizations regarding changes to the Nacha Operating Rules and industry regulations.  Organizations with AAP-credentialed staff also experience operational efficiencies, enhanced risk management oversight, improved regulatory compliance, and increased customer service and satisfaction.