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Added July 28th, 2019

Account Validation Webinar Series


Amy Morris
Senior Director, ACH Network Rules
Nacha Preferred Partners
Plaid, GIACT, Yodlee, Microbilt and Early Warning
Moderator: Luis Guzman
Senior Director, Business & Product Development




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ACH Originators are currently preparing for an upcoming Nacha Operating Rule. A screening requirement will be supplemented to make it explicit that account validation is part of a commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system. An extension of the effective date of this Rule allows for additional time, education and guidance to the industry to put processes in place. But what are some of the solutions that exist for account validation?

In an effort to assist with this educational need, Nacha — in cooperation with its Preferred Partners — is showcasing solutions for account validation in a week-long, complimentary webinar series. Presented and recorded each day, the following companies will showcase their solutions:

  • Sept. 9 – Plaid
  • Sept. 10 – GIACT
  • Sept. 11 – Yodlee
  • Sept. 12 – Microbilt
  • Sept. 13 – Early Warning

Join us for this event and listen each day to learn more about the Rule, the potential impacts, as well as options available to help you comply with the Rule that goes into effect March 19, 2021. Space is limited so register early.

To register for multiple days, please reuse the registration link for each webinar you wish to attend.