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Added June 9th, 2021

Audits: Put the "A" Back in ACH & Quit the Paper


Andy Barlow
Andrew M. Barlow, AAP, NCP
Executive Vice President
Macha Everything Payments - Everywhere
Jenn Kline
Jennifer Kline, AAP, APRP, NCP
Director, Audit Services
Pam Rodriguez
Pamela T. Rodriguez, AAP, CIA, CISA
Senior Vice President, Professional Services
Southern Financial Exchange




AAP/APRP: $230
DFI: $225
Member: $250
Nonmember: $330
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Under the Nacha Operating Rules, a yearly audit is required to remain compliant. With changes to the Rules, the removal of Appendix Eight and the impacts of COVID-19, there is more financial institutions need to be aware of when it comes to preparing for audit season.

As the world advances and hybrid environments emerge, you need to ensure your FI’s operations remain top notch. What new procedures and technologies are available to help? Who can you turn to for assistance?

Join audit experts for a look at the changing face of audits. Topics include the process your FI should take to prepare, incorporating the audit Rule requirement changes and how you’ll be audited for it, how to handle WSUDs being telephonic now and more.

Gain Knowledge & Understanding:

  • Learn from real-life case studies pertaining to audits.
  • Discover new ways to effectively use your reporting system tools.
  • Get tips and tricks for conducting remote audits, including managing Zoom and exit meetings.
  • Find out what processes you should automate.
  • Understand why being paper intensive has consequences.
  • Embrace technology advances in a post-COVID environment.

AAP & APRP credits: 1.8