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Added July 27th, 2022

FedNow & the Implications of New Amendments to Regulation J


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Jennifer Aguilar
Senior Associate
Alston & Bird LLP
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Mary Gilmeister, AAP, NCP


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Regulation J provides the legal framework for depository institutions to collect checks and other items and to settle balances through the Federal Reserve System. The regulation also specifies terms and conditions under which Federal Reserve Banks will process funds transfers via Fedwire. With the addition of their FedNowSM service, scheduled to go live in 2023, the Federal Reserve has issued new rules that will govern transfers over the service.

Speakers on this session will set the stage by providing a general overview of the funds flow, settlement, terminology and parties involved in a FedNow transfer, and how these transfers compare to other similar services. Speakers will also discuss who is covered by Regulation J, key requirements for each party, and the interplay between UCC 4a and Reg E with regard to consumer FedNow transfers.

Gain Insight & Understanding

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The terminology and parties involved in a FedNow transfer, and how funds flow and settle through the service
  • The Reg J amendments affecting FedNow, and how they work alongside UCC 4A and Reg E
  • Key requirements for each party covered by Regulation J, and how to remain compliant



Jennifer Aguilar
Senior Associate, Alston & Bird LLP

Mary Gilmeister, AAP, NCP
President, Macha