[Webinar] Faster Payments: Fundamentals of B2B Payment Acceptance and Settlement



Recorded March 27, 2019

Corporate teams across A/R, A/P, Treasury, and Banks too are excited about faster payments. However, many are still looking for answers to fundamental questions such as:

  1. How do faster payment methods differ from one another?
  2. What is the value proposition of a faster payment?
  3. How do new, faster options compare to traditional payments?
  4. What is the impact of faster payments on my receivables operations?


Join speakers as they compare and contrast faster payment methods on dimensions including remittance, ubiquity and settlement/processing times.


Key takeaways:

  • Framework to evaluate faster payments across key parameters such as speed, remittance, ubiquity
  • Understanding payer, buyer and treasury use-cases for next-generation, faster payments
  • Understanding the downstream impact of faster payments on A/R
  • Preparing for real-time cash application

Please Note: NACHA is not hosting this webinar. All questions about registration and additional information should be directed to taylor.bartlett@highradius.com.


Ernie Martin
Managing Director, Receivables Savvy

Robert Unger
Senior Director Product Management, NACHA

This event qualifies for AAP Credit.



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