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Added August 26th, 2019

[Webinar] Reinventing The Art of Cash Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence


Vikram Gollakota
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Robert Unger
Senior Director, Product Management & Strategic Initiatives




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What has really changed in cash forecasting the past ten years, not much. It still remains a process filled with challenges such as lack of accuracy, visibility and accountability which is resulting in sub-optimal decision making with respect to working capital allocation and long-term investment/funding. The good news is that automation and Artificial Intelligence have finally made their way to cash forecasting empowering treasury professionals to deliver more value from cash forecasting. How are they doing it? To discover the answers join our complimentary webinar.

Please note: Nacha is not hosting this webinar. Any questions regarding the webinar, content, live access or recording access should be directed to Rakesh Donempudi.

This webinar is worth AAP and APRP credits.