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Added November 1st, 2020

What’s Expected of You Under New Nacha Operating Rules


Amy Morris
Amy K. Morris
Senior Director, ACH Network Rules
Danita Tyrrell
Danita Tyrrell, AAP, APRP
Senior Director, ACH Network Rules Development & Technical Support




AAP/APRP: $230
DFI: $225
Member: $250
Nonmember: $330
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2021 is a year filled with Nacha Operating Rules changes. These new Rules have varying degrees of impact to your organization’s operations and customers. Find out what your organization should be doing to stay compliant. Learn from Nacha’s Rules experts as they review the upcoming changes and tackle the intricacies of the changing Return Rules. They’ll also share how the processes should look in a post-implementation environment. From the trends in improper reversals to the best uses for R10 and R11, you’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s expected from your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Use Meaningful Modernization to streamline exception processing
  • Use Same Day ACH for Returns
  • Handle improper Reversals
  • Use R10 and R11 date to prevent future exceptions and improve customer satisfaction
  • Approach Warranty Claims

AAP & APRP credits:1.8