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Promoting the best uses of the ACH Network means fostering positive collaboration with federal agencies. NACHA advocates for the use of electronic payments while also protecting the interests of private sector rulemaking and network participants.


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Advocating for the Network and Our Members

NACHA’s work with key U.S. government entities, including legislators, regulators such as the Federal Reserve, the Consumer Financial Services Bureau and U.S. Department of Treasury and financial services and end-user trade groups:

  • NACHA’s feedback to regulators, Congressional committees, members of Congress and staff and other governmental agencies means that the ACH Network is put to the best use at a governmental level.
  • Members and Network participants enjoy clear explanations and assistance, from NACHA, about how government initiatives affect the Network. 
  • Financial trade groups and end-users trades have a voice in the inclusive process of rulemaking.

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Get Involved as a NACHA Direct Member

To provide the benefits of the ACH Network, NACHA Government Relations staff collaborates with the Government Relations Advisory Group (GRAG) on several tasks. GRAG consists of representatives from NACHA’s member Direct Financial Institutions, Regional Payments Associations and Industry Councils. The committee helps to promote the use of the ACH Network and protects participants’ interests by assisting NACHA in developing positions on specific payments system issues as well as reviewing documents such as congressional testimony, requests for comments and statements for the record.