Mastercard on-demand webinar

Nov. 21, 2022

MC webinar

Revolutionizing B2B Trade Credit through A/R Automation and Value Chain Digitization

Complimentary on-demand webinar sponsored by Mastercard

Faster. Smarter. Better. Going into 2023, speed and ingenuity is at the forefront of what seems like everyone’s payments strategy. Financial institutions, businesses and solution providers must position themselves to remain on pace with what their customers are learning to expect and will soon demand. Speakers in this session will take a deep dive into emerging trends in the B2B space, specifically B2B Trade Credit, and the need for real time Know Your Business (KYB). Join our speakers as they share use-cases that highlight the benefits of automated underwriting, faster onboarding, and payment digitization.


Ashfaq Kamal, Vice President-Commercial Products (NAM), Mastercard
Rebecca Meeker, Vice President of Business Development, International Markets, Mastercard
Michael Noble, Founder & CEO, Apruve 

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