ACH Network Transfers More Than Five Billion Payments in Q1 2016

In Q1 2016, the ACH Network transferred more than 5 billion Direct Deposits and Direct Payments – the first time ACH volume has exceeded this milestone in a single quarter - growing 6.1 percent over Q1 2015. The total dollar value transferred over the Network grew to more than $10.6 trillion, marking an increase of 4.5 percent over last year. Consistent with recent ACH Network volume trends, native electronic payments continue to rise, in this quarter by 7.8%. These transactions, which start as electronic, now make up 91 percent of overall ACH Network volume.  

Increases in native electronic transactions can be attributed to significant gains in WEB and business-to-business payment categories.

WEB Transactions
In Q1 2016, there were 1.1 billion WEB transactions, an increase of 11.6 percent over Q1 2015.  Of these, 18.3 million were WEB credits or person-to-person payments, a relatively new transaction type that became effective in 2014.  WEB credits have seen continued growth since implementation, with this transaction type growing 7.1 percent since last quarter and 82 percent since Q1 2015. Overall, WEB transactions now make up 22 percent of all Network volume.

B2B Transactions
  • CCD and CTX Transactions
    The CCD and CTX B2B transaction categories, grew 9.4 and 8.4 percent, respectively. Through these transaction categories, businesses leveraged the Network’s unique ability to carry payments plus information transferring more than 500 million addenda records, an increase of 11 percent over Q1 2015.
  • Healthcare Payments via ACH
    Healthcare payments via ACH, a CCD transaction, also saw growth in Q1 2016. The Network transferred 55 million healthcare payments in the first quarter, marking an increase of 20 percent over the same period last year. These transactions amounted to $307.6 billion, growing almost 11 percent over Q1 2015.
ACH Network Quality Indicators
Overall, in Q1 2016, the major quality/risk indicators remained consistent compared to Q1 2015. The overall administrative return rate remained at 0.17 percent. The overall unauthorized debit rate was relatively flat at 0.03 percent. The overall debit NSF rate was 0.81 percent.