Afinis: Virtual Planning Meeting, Oct. 28 - You're Invited

afinis meeting graphic

Nacha’s Afinis Interoperability Standards will hold a virtual planning meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 28 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET via GoToMeeting. This will be a working meeting utilizing agile program increment planning to determine the steps for the next Afinis sprints. 

Afinis is a membership-based governance organization that advances API standardization. It focuses on the rapid delivery of APIs and other financial services standards across the U.S. and globally.

Afinis brings diverse collaborators together to build and test solutions, develop implementable and portable standards, and provide thought leadership on advancing interoperability for financial services and enhancing the efficiency and security of today’s modern financial industry.

Afinis has a suite of completed APIs, including its new Payee Profile API, which allows a company to obtain correct payment transaction details and remittance requirements to pay another company regardless of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, business provider network, or financial institution. A payee is any entity receiving a payment (e.g., supplier or billers).

Meeting Agenda:

  • Update on Phixius
  • Update on Afinis
  • Review of Last Sprint Cycle (June 1 – October 31)
  • Goals for Next Sprint Cycle
  • Prioritization Exercise
    • Review of Backlog
    • Prioritization exercise
  • Planning for Next Sprint Cycle
  • Open Discussion

Interested in attending the Oct. 28 meeting? Email us at

To test any Afinis APIs, visit, or to learn more about Afinis and to influence its initiatives by becoming a member, visit Afinis membership is open to all organizations interested in the development of API standardization, regardless of size, type or location. Current membership stands at more than 60 organizations and 200 active participants.

Download Afinis’ last Meeting Summary Report for details and further updates on the group’s current work efforts.