Alliance Virtual Pop-Up Meeting: The Countdown Has Begun

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In just a few days, Alliance members will gather virtually to discuss how payments of all varieties (electronic, contactless, Same Day, real-time and more) have fared during the COVID-19 pandemic. The day will include six action-packed sessions that will dissect what the “new normal” means for the payments industry, businesses and consumers, including: 

  • Impacts on Payments Innovation During COVID-19

We’ve seen the good with contactless payments becoming more common in a six-feet apart society. We’ve seen the bad with the ISO 20022 migration being postponed. But will we also see the ugly with payments innovation coming to a halt because of reallocated resources, reduced budgets, and dried up fintech funding? A panel discussion will shed light on how innovation can still emerge from the crisis faster, better and stronger.

  • Even During a Pandemic, the ACH Network Delivers

Representatives from The Clearing House, the Federal Reserve, and Nacha will look at the ACH Network leading up to the pandemic and how it has performed during the national emergency. The session will cover trends in ACH Network volume, including the adoption of Same Day ACH. Speakers will also address how and why the Network is well-suited to deliver large-scale assistance to millions of Americans and businesses.

  • Pandemic Impact: How it is Reshaping Payments in Retail and for the Un/Underbanked

The pandemic has changed the way most consumers work and live. Businesses have expanded their digital offerings, allowing consumers to increasingly rely on mobile and online channels to conduct day-to-day activities. However, not everyone has made the shift. We examine why some consumers may not have yet adopted digital payments, and discuss legislative and industry initiatives that may help.

And, of course, there will be Project Team updates and a virtual happy hour. It is, after all, an Alliance meeting! Have you registered yet?

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