August Same Day ACH Numbers Heat Up


Michael W. Kahn

Michael W. Kahn


The sun wasn’t the only thing that was blazing in August. Same Day ACH had some scorching hot numbers.

There was a 60% rise in total Same Day ACH volume from August 2018, with more than 21.6 million payments made last month. The value of those payments, nearly $22.2 billion, is up 66% from a year earlier.

Two areas of Same Day ACH merit special mention. Direct Deposit and other PPD payments soared 115% in the space of just a year. There were 10.7 million PPD transactions this August, compared to nearly 5 million a year ago. 

Business-to-business, or B2B payments also took off. The 4.1 million CCD payments represent a 50% jump from August 2018.

What’s driving this growth? Michael Herd, Nacha senior vice president, ACH Network Administration, said he believes August’s numbers likely reflect a normal implementation curve for a new service. Consider that Sept. 23 marked the third anniversary of the debut of Same Day ACH for credits, and Sept. 15 was the second anniversary of debits being added. 

“Adoption of Same Day ACH is hitting its stride,” said Herd.

It’s similar to what’s being seen with electric car sales. When the U.S. Department of Energy began tallying sales in 2011, the figure was 17,731. In 2014, it hit 118,173 and by 2017 the number was 195,245. 

As for Same Day ACH, in the first eight months of 2019, there have been more than 157 million payments valued at $156 billion. For all of 2019, Same Day volume is projected to be 250 million payments. 

chart of august same day ach ccd and ppd transactions