Collaboration is at the Heart of Everything Nacha Does


Jane Larimer

Jane Larimer

President and CEO


Every day seems to bring something different in the payments world. New products, new companies and new ways of doing business all create new challenges. While the complexity of each challenge varies, one thing is always true: it takes collaboration to face them head on.

One of Nacha’s greatest strengths is being a membership organization. And our members represent an incredibly diverse cross section of today’s payments interests. There are Direct Members ranging from large multinational banks, to the corner credit union represented by our Payments Association members. But at our table you’ll also find cutting-edge fintechs, corporates, government entities and many others. 

That unique blend of viewpoints gives us a wealth of resources to meet today’s payments challenges. It also keeps the ACH Network modern and vibrant in a constantly changing world.

We have created a video where we put some of our best assets—our members—front and center. The video features just a handful of folks, but as you’ll see they represent the diversity found among Nacha’s membership.

One of Nacha’s core values is “We are Each Great. Together we are Better.” It means that we listen to a wide range of voices—from our members, volunteers and staff—recognizing how critical that diversity in thought is to our success. That diversity helps us think bigger and punch above our weight, and that leaves us well positioned to take on today’s challenges and whatever tomorrow brings.