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Effective Date of Nacha Rules Interpretation Extended to August 4, 2008

Issued: April 1, 2008
Effective: August 4, 2008

The effective date of Nacha’s Rules Interpretation (“Interpretation”) on the Proper Use of SEC Codes and the Aggregation of Transactions (see ACH Operations Bulletin, November 9, 2007) is extended to August 4, 2008.

The Interpretation was approved by the Nacha Board of Directors on November 7, 2007, with an original effective date of May 5, 2008.  Subsequently, the Board received and approved a request for a three-month extension of the effective date. The Interpretation now becomes effective on August 4, 2008.


•   ACH Operations Bulletin: Proper Use of SEC Codes and Aggregation of Transactions - November 9, 2007
•   Nacha Rules Interpretation – November 7, 2007
•   SEC Code Allocation Chart – November 7, 2007


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