Nacha Announces Alacriti as a Preferred Partner for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments

HERNDON, Va. — June 5, 2018 — Nacha—The Electronic Payments Association® has announced Alacriti as a Preferred Partner for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments (EBPP). Nacha Preferred Partners are a select group of innovators that contribute to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments. Alacriti’s selection as a Preferred Partner was driven by its Orbipay® solution, which enables organizations to provide convenient and flexible bill presentment and payment options to their customers.
“For most businesses, invoicing and payments are not the heart of what they do,” said Jane Larimer, chief operating officer of Nacha. “Many businesses lack the expertise to help ensure an efficient AR/AP operation for themselves and their customers. Through solutions such as Orbipay, a business can efficiently manage the entire billing and payments process, providing a seamless experience for customers while reducing costs and improving cash flow for the business.”
Orbipay is a flexible and secure cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It gives customers the ability to easily view bills and make payments via ACH and other payment methods, while also providing businesses greater transparency into their customers’ payment preferences and behavior.
“In today’s digital age, customers expect easy and secure access to their bills, and the ability to make payments anytime, anywhere, and from any device,” said Manish Gurukula, chief executive officer of Alacriti. “Orbipay empowers businesses to provide a customer-focused billing and payments experience through its fully customizable cloud-based technology platform. Leveraging Orbipay allows businesses to better service their customers while also streamlining internal financial and operational processes, improving their organizations as a whole.”
Alacriti, as the Preferred Partner for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments, joins a growing list of Nacha Preferred Partners working to better support the payments ecosystem. To learn more about Alacriti and Nacha’s Preferred Partner Program, visit:
About Nacha—The Electronic Payments Association
Nacha—The Electronic Payments Association is a nonprofit organization that convenes hundreds of diverse organizations to enhance and enable electronic payments and financial data exchange within the U.S. and across geographies. Through development of rules, standards, governance, education, advocacy, and in support of innovation, Nacha’s efforts benefit the providers and users of those systems. Nacha leads groups focused on API standardization, authors the Quest Operating Rules for EBT and is also the steward of the ACH Network, a payment system that universally connects all U.S. bank accounts and facilitates the movement of money and information. In 2017, there was a total of nearly 26 billion ACH transactions. Of these, 21.5 billion ACH payments valued at $47 trillion moved across the ACH Network, and more than 4 billion were on-us transactions within financial institutions. Visit for more information, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
About Alacriti
Alacriti is a payment technology innovator that delivers customer-focused payment solutions and services. With a proven track record collaborating with market-leading financial services, healthcare, insurance, and utilities companies, Alacriti’s seasoned team specializes in developing forward-thinking payment solutions that can be customized to each client’s needs.
Alacriti’s flagship product, Orbipay®, is a multi-channel, cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution designed to give customers the flexibility they require. It features a user-friendly interface for hassle-free payments, a robust account-based version with advanced functionality, and a client service portal that provides unparalleled visibility into customers’ billing history and payment behavior. Orbipay's features can be customized for each client, creating a true one-of-a-kind solution tailored to their needs.

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