NACHA Issues Request for Comment on Compliance and Operational Topics

Posted October 1, 2014

NACHA requests comments on five proposals to amend the NACHA Operating Rules on various Compliance and Operational topics. This RFC addresses:
  • Recrediting of Receiver - Removal of the Fifteen-Calendar-Day Notification Timeframe;
  • TEL Entries – Field Inclusion Requirement/Data Content for Payment Type Code Field;
  • Clarification of RDFI Warranties for Notifications of Change;
  • Valid Characters for ACH Records; and
  • Disclosure Requirements for POS Entries.
Additionally, NACHA requests information on the topic of ODFI Requests for Return for fraudulently-originated ACH credit Entries with the issuance of a Request for Information (RFI). Comments are due by October 24, 2014.
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