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Nacha creates broadly adopted payment and financial messaging rules and standards through consensus-led governance, international collaboration, and innovative development practices. We continually advance the ubiquitous ACH Network and engage diverse stakeholders to accelerate a digital future of global financial services interoperability.

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Nacha Introduces the Nacha Corporate Experience

The Nacha Corporate Experience Combines Standards and Technology to Deliver a More Efficient Payments Experience for Today’s Businesses 

ORLANDO, Fla., May 6, 2019 – Today, Nacha introduces the Nacha Corporate Experience, a new way of demonstrating how businesses can more effectively exchange payments and information.

ACH Network Sees Highest Quarterly Growth in 11 Years

Same Day ACH Volume Jumps 46%

HERNDON, Va., July 11, 2019 – The ACH Network saw its highest quarterly growth rate in more than a decade during the second quarter of 2019.

Volume rose 7.7% over the same period in 2018, marking the ACH Network’s biggest quarterly increase since the third quarter of 2008, as measured on a processing-day basis.

Nacha Member Financial Institutions Expect Same Day ACH Debit and Credit Volume Growth Will be Strong over the Next 6 to 9 Months

Fourth consecutive survey finding that no financial institution experienced an increase in fraud due to Same Day ACH

Image removed.HERNDON, Va., Jan. 16, 2018 – Nacha’s member financial institutions expect to see an increase in Same Day ACH transaction volume in the coming months, according to a new survey released today by Nacha—The Electronic Payments Association®. Eighty-two percent of the financial institutions surveyed anticipate that Same Day ACH debit volume will grow at a rapid or steady rate and 78 percent expect credit volume will grow at a steady rate over the next six to nine months.
The survey was conducted in November/December 2017 and included 22 financial institutions that represent 78 percent of ACH Network origination volume. Of the financial institutions surveyed that offer origination services of Same Day ACH debits, 84 percent reported the actual volume was the same or higher than anticipated, as did 90 percent of financial institutions that receive Same Day ACH debits.
As the implementation and adoption of Same Day ACH continues to grow, financial institutions surveyed have not seen an increase in fraud due to Same Day ACH. This is the same finding as previous surveys conducted in December 2016/January 2017, March/April 2017 and September 2017.
“Both the results to date and the forward-looking expectations reported in this survey echo Nacha’s long held position that use of Same Day ACH payments will continue to grow at a robust rate,” said Jane Larimer, chief operating officer of Nacha. “Use cases for Same Day ACH debits like bill payments and business-to-business payments demonstrate how this additional faster payment method is benefiting consumers and businesses alike.”
Ninety-five percent of the financial institutions surveyed have or will meet the Same Day ACH Phase Three requirement by the end of January 2018 – well ahead of the March 16 deadline. Phase Three requires that funds from Same Day ACH credits are made available to their depositors by 5 p.m. local time.
“It’s incredibly encouraging that financial institutions are meeting the Same Day ACH Phase Three requirement well in advance of the effective date,” added Larimer. “The new rules will allow consumer and business account holders to receive funds even faster.”
An infographic detailing the Same Day ACH survey results is available for download on the Nacha website. For more information about Same Day ACH and how others are leveraging this faster payments innovation, watch the video here and visit Nacha’s Same Day ACH Resource Center at