Nacha's George Throckmorton Addresses Frictionless Finance at Sibos

Along with panelists from Visa and EY, Nacha's George Throckmorton recently participated in a panel on "Frictionless Finance: Using Data to Accelerate and Connect Businesses" at Sibos 2020, which is a global financial services event organized by SWIFT. The presenters discuss how data "powers payments" and is the key to frictionless commerce. 

In the presentation, Throckmorton focuses on the shift from business access to payment rails to data service. He also mentioned Nacha's launch of Phixius, which was developed specifically to exchange payment-related information in real time.

Much of what keeps data flowing in Phixius is the use of APIs, and as additional APIs are developed Throckmorton said new data can be exchanged. 

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