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Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance Releases New White Paper: “The Winning Mobile Wallet Solution"

White Paper, and Supplementary Document, Details Function and Value of Financial Institution- and Retailer-Branded Mobile Wallets and Keys to Mobile Wallet Success

PHOENIX, April 18, 2016 – Today, Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association® announced that its Payments Innovation Alliance released a new white paper: “The Winning Mobile Wallet Solution.” Authored by The Alliance’s Mobile Wallet Team, the paper provides details on the capabilities and benefits of financial institution- and retailer-branded mobile wallets and the importance of interoperability to help achieve success.
“‘The Winning Mobile Wallet Solution’ serves as a tool to help empower and encourage collaboration between financial institutions and retailers to develop mobile wallet solutions that reinforce and support their brand, their accounts and their customer relationships,” said George Throckmorton, managing director, Advanced Payments Solutions at Nacha. “To achieve widespread adoption, retailers and financial institutions need to work together and leverage each other’s strengths to create mobile wallet solutions that will win the loyalty and utilization of consumers.”
The white paper, and supplementary document, provides information about mobile wallets and their functionality, the business case for mobile wallets, and the value and benefits.  It also sheds light on the potential of mobile wallets when financial institutions and retailers work together, merchant acceptance, and new payment applications. The white paper and supplementary document also include case studies, providing real-world examples of innovative mobile wallet solutions.
The “Winning Mobile Wallet Solution” will be examined in detail during the Mobile Wallet Team: What’s Behind the Buzz session today, April 18, from 4:15–5:15 p.m. at PAYMENTS 2016.  The conference is taking place now through Wednesday, April 20, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Following the session, conference attendees can participate in an extended conversation about the white paper with The Alliance’s Mobile Wallet Team. The discussion will take place from 5:30-6:00 p.m. in the North 300 Foyer of the Phoenix Convention Center.
For more information or to download a copy of “Winning Mobile Wallet Solution,” visit  For more information about PAYMENTS 2016, visit
About the Payments Innovation Alliance Mobile Wallet Team
The Mobile Wallet Team is an initiative of the Payments Innovation Alliance, designed to enable stakeholder companies and the broader mobile payments community to leverage an “open” acceptance platform that includes support for retailer- and bank-branded mobile wallets for electronic payments. Mobile Wallet Team members seek to provide historical perspective and thought leadership about the potential for mobile wallets and lead the industry and the marketplace through collaboration to address key topics and concerns related to advancing the security, value, adoption and interoperability of mobile wallets.
The Payments Innovation Alliance
The Payments Innovation Alliance, a membership program of Nacha — The Electronic Payments Association®, brings together diverse, global stakeholders to support payments innovation, collaboration, and results through discussion, debate, education, networking, and special projects that support the ACH Network and the payments industry worldwide. The Alliance brings together content and focus across all payment areas, including emerging payment technologies, electronic billing and presentment, mobile, payment security/risk, check conversion and global payments. Membership includes organizations of all sizes and spans the payments industry spectrum.