New Guidance to Prepare for Same Day ACH Enhancements

Posted April 10, 2019

Three new enhancements to Same Day ACH are coming. The first takes effect in just a matter of months—September 20, 2019, to be precise.

To help with preparations, NACHA has created three new guidance sheets. Each is a two page PDF available for download. There are versions for Originating Depository Financial Intuitions (ODFIs), Receiving Depository Financial Intuitions (RDFIs), and Processors

You will also find them in our Same Day ACH Resource Center, which has a wealth of helpful information. 

front of odfi guidance    page 2 of odfi guidance ODFI Version

image of front of rdfi sheet  image of rdfi version page 2 RDFI Version

page 1 of processors version  page 2 of processors version Processors Version

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