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For OrthoBanc, Quality and Integrity Mean Being Nacha Certified


Michael Kahn

Braces aren’t inexpensive, therefore many orthodontists offer payment plans. But they’re in the smile business, not the payments industry. That’s why they turn to OrthoBanc.

OrthoBanc doesn’t offer financing, but rather manages payment plans offered by orthodontists and dentists, as well as veterinarians and other medical practices. When you’re working with your customers’ customers it’s important to be at the top of your game. 

For OrthoBanc, that strategy includes being Nacha Certified.

“Our president and CEO, Bill Holt, has always advised employees that ‘We want to lead in the areas of quality and integrity.’ It is hard to find one area where those qualities are more important than in the payments that we collect,” said Marla Merritt, OrthoBanc’s chief marketing and sales officer. 

OrthoBanc saw Nacha Certified as “an opportunity to make sure we lead by example, and provide excellence in our payment processing,” said Merritt. After all, OrthoBanc says its goal is to always do the right thing for their customers and the consumers they serve. 

Hixson, Tennessee-based OrthoBanc works with thousands of practices in all 50 states. It made five consecutive appearances on Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. So with this growth already occurring, why become Nacha Certified?

“We’ve always been committed to conducting our business according to the best practices,” said Merritt. “And we know that this certification is one more indicator that says ‘You can trust us with your payments.’”  

Bill Holt was eager to achieve Nacha Certified status as soon as the program began. Merritt said the CEO realized the advantages that would come with certification, including a “demonstration to our clients, prospective clients, banking partners, and even competitors, that OrthoBanc is committed to excellence in the payment’s space.”

OrthoBanc is a big fan of ACH, which now accounts for about 40% of the payments they manage. 

“We have a higher success rate on payments made by ACH than we do with credit cards, so for that reason we think ACH is the best payment method choice,” said Merritt. 

The other 60% of the payments OrthoBanc manages are made via credit cards, but OrthoBanc instructs practices to promote ACH.

“Our customers end up paying 2% to 3% more for credit card transactions,” said Merritt. “Most of them have learned to offer checking account payments first, keeping the credit card option in their back pocket unless asked specifically for this option.”