Paul W. Finch, Sr. Receives NACHA’s 2007 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award

Posted April, 15 2007

April 15-18, 2007 - Chicago, Ill - NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association presents the 2007 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award to Paul W. Finch, Sr., in recognition of his career contributions to the advancement of the electronic payments industry, the ACH Network, and NACHA.

“With the recent effective date of NACHA’s new back office conversion rules, it is fitting that we honor Paul Finch, Sr., who did so much to lay the groundwork for this application,” said Elliott C. McEntee, President and CEO of NACHA.

“The Mitchell Awards are a great way to honor the many people who have made the ACH Network the nation’s only universal electronic funds transfer system,” said Finch.

In Arizona, Mr. Finch created the private-sector ACH system operated by the Arizona Clearing House Association. As a NACHA member, Finch sponsored the development of check truncation using the ACH Network, and helped create educational programs such as The Payments Institute and the Accredited ACH Professional Program (AAP). In 1993, Mr. Finch received an “Outstanding Lifetime EFT Awards” from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Mr. Finch served 15 years on NACHA’s Board of Directors, and 5 years on the Board’s Executive Committee. In 1988 he helped recruit Elliott C. McEntee from the Federal Reserve to become NACHA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He retired in 1994.

The award is named after former Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman George W. Mitchell, who was one of this country’s earliest proponents of electronic payments.
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