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Nacha creates broadly adopted payment and financial messaging rules and standards through consensus-led governance, international collaboration, and innovative development practices. We continually advance the ubiquitous ACH Network and engage diverse stakeholders to accelerate a digital future of global financial services interoperability.

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Nacha Introduces the Nacha Corporate Experience

The Nacha Corporate Experience Combines Standards and Technology to Deliver a More Efficient Payments Experience for Today’s Businesses 

ORLANDO, Fla., May 6, 2019 – Today, Nacha introduces the Nacha Corporate Experience, a new way of demonstrating how businesses can more effectively exchange payments and information.

ACH Network Sees Highest Quarterly Growth in 11 Years

Same Day ACH Volume Jumps 46%

HERNDON, Va., July 11, 2019 – The ACH Network saw its highest quarterly growth rate in more than a decade during the second quarter of 2019.

Volume rose 7.7% over the same period in 2018, marking the ACH Network’s biggest quarterly increase since the third quarter of 2008, as measured on a processing-day basis.

Study Shows Employees Value Split Deposit as a Benefit to Help Them Save



HERNDON, Va., February 23, 2012 – According to a new study commissioned by Nacha – The Electronic Payments Association, 89 percent of split deposit users see it as an employee benefit that helps them save time and money.  Employees who use split deposit, or split their pay among various accounts using Direct Deposit via ACH, are more likely than non-split deposit users to contribute to savings each month.  The study, released today as part of America Saves Week, reveals that 93 percent of employed adults who use split deposit contribute to their savings every month.  On average, those individuals who save any amount each month save approximately $467 per month.  Conversely, only 77 percent of employed adults who do not use split deposit add some amount to their savings each month, and 23 percent contribute nothing.  

“Split deposit helps employees develop the habit of saving,” said Janet O. Estep, president and CEO of Nacha. “Splitting a fixed amount or percentage of their pay with Direct Deposit via ACH enables employees to safely and automatically put aside money directly into savings and investment accounts for emergencies, planned expenses, or retirement.”   

According to the study, split deposit users save for a variety of reasons.  Seventy-four percent contribute to a savings and/or retirement account.  Of those surveyed who use split deposit to contribute to a savings account, 83 percent are saving for “rainy day” fund or emergency fund.  Fourteen percent are saving for healthcare-related expenses and another 14 percent indicated they are saving for entertainment purposes such as dining out, movies or concerts.   An additional 6 percent are saving towards their child(ren)’s college education.

Although 85 percent of employed U.S. adults indicate that they participate in Direct Deposit via ACH, only 21 percent of those individuals use split deposit.  Of those who use split deposit, 85 percent agree that is it helping them create a more structured approach to saving. Of those who do not use split deposit, but have access to direct deposit, 71 percent indicated that they were unaware that split deposit could be requested of their employer.

“Every employer who uses Direct Deposit has the option of offering split deposit,” said Estep.  “Employees should ask their payroll departments about splitting pay with Direct Deposit via ACH to help them save.  And employers should consider adding the valuable benefit if it is not currently offered, and encouraging its use.”

For more information about splitting pay with Direct Deposit via ACH, please visit For more information about Nacha’s Split Deposit Study, please visit    

About Nacha’s Split Deposit Study
Nacha’s Split Deposit Study is based on the findings of an online survey conducted within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Nacha. The online survey, administered from December 19-21, 2011, polled 2,292 adults ages 18 and older.   For additional information on the study, please visit

About Nacha — The Electronic Payments Association
Nacha manages the development, administration, and governance of the ACH Network, the backbone for the electronic movement of money and data. The ACH Network provides a safe, secure, and reliable network for direct account-to-account consumer, business, and government payments. Annually, it facilitates billions of Direct Deposit via ACH and Direct Payment via ACH transactions. Used by all types of financial institutions, the ACH Network is governed by the fair and equitable Nacha Operating Rules, which guide risk management and create payment certainty for all participants. As a not-for-profit association, Nacha represents more than 10,000 financial institutions via 17 regional payments associations and direct membership. Through its industry councils and forums, Nacha brings together payments system stakeholders to foster dialogue and innovation to strengthen the ACH Network. To learn more, please visit,,, and

About America Saves Week
America Saves Week is coordinated by America Saves and the America Savings Education Council. Started in 2007, the Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Typically, over 2,000 organizations participate in the Week reaching millions of people.