VPay Becomes the Latest Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender

HERNDON, Va., June 26, 2018 – Nacha—The Electronic Payments Association® has designated VPay, a business-to-business payments solution provider, as a Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender.

Nacha Certified is a voluntary certification program that enables a Third-Party Sender in the ACH Network to show to their customers, banking partners, and peers that they are meeting Nacha standards that signal sound core practices associated with high-quality ACH payment processing.

“We congratulate VPay for becoming the first Third-Party Sender in the claims payments field to achieve the Nacha Certified designation,” said Nacha Chief Operating Officer Jane Larimer. “VPay has successfully demonstrated that it has policies, practices and controls that meet Nacha’s criteria for serving as a Nacha Certified Third-Party Sender in the ACH Network.”

VPay facilitates billions of dollars in payments – ACH, virtual cards, and checks for clients in insurance verticals including: TPAs, Health Plans, Dental Plans, Property & Casualty, and Workers’ Compensation payers – to over 750,000 unique service providers.

“VPay is committed to providing value to our customers by improving the payment experience and reducing cost. The conversion of paper checks to processing quality electronic payments, including ACH, is a key component of our Total Payments Solution,” said Ben Peters, Chief Operating Officer, VPay. “Achieving Nacha Certification demonstrates that VPay’s strong core practices for processing ACH transactions are meeting the highest quality industry standard and reinforces our leadership in B2B payments.”