ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool

ISO 20022 Mapping Guide: Standardizing and Streamlining Processes while Supporting Adoption of ISO 20022 in the U.S.
NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool enables financial institutions to support businesses that leverage the ISO 20022 standard by providing standardized guidance to facilitate translation of ISO 20022 pain.001 credit transfer payment messages into ACH transactions.

About ISO 20022 and NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool
ISO 20022, which was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is the global messaging standard for financial business transactions, including payments.  Today, many multinational companies are utilizing this standard as part of their accounts payable functions. In order to assist financial institutions supporting these early adopters of ISO 20022, NACHA has developed an ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool to assist financial institutions in translating ISO 20022 payment instructions for their corporate customers into ACH payments.

How it Works
Utilizing the ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool, financial institutions can receive a single ISO 20022 pain.001 payment file, which may include instructions for multiple payment types, and translate the payment messages to corresponding ACH Network B2B credit transactions, including CCD, CTX, and IAT. In the future, NACHA plans to extend its mapping guidance to include additional industry needs such as debits, pre-notes, and consumer payments.

What’s In It For You
NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool provides a standardized way for financial institutions to translate ISO 20022 payment messages, creating consistency and standard processes, which ultimately enhance and improve operational processes.

By utilizing NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool, financial institutions can also better support the needs of its corporate customers with global payments practices.  Use of the Mapping Guide & Tool enables corporations to streamline their own processes, enhance efficiencies and reduce overhead, resulting in cost savings. 

Additionally, use of NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide & Tool serves as a means to generate greater support and adoption of ISO 20022 in the U.S., enabling financial institutions to help align the U.S. payments infrastructure with that of the global community.   

Participate in the Program
To download NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide and Tool, click here. Once downloaded, financial institutions can begin using the components of the Guide and Tool to appropriately translate ISO 20022 messages into ACH formats.

Get all the details
For more information about NACHA’s ISO 20022 Mapping Guide and Tool, contact NACHA


  • ISO 20022 Assessment Report - A report sponsored by NACHA, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The Clearing House Payments Company LLC, and the Accredited Standards Committee X9, Inc., and prepared by KPMG that assesses the business case for adopting ISO 20022 in the U.S.
  • ISO 20022 Implementation Best Practices - A report outlining ISO 20022 implementation best practices learned from communities that have completed adoption or are in the process of migrating to ISO 20022. 
  • Webinar Recording: How to Execute ISO 20022 Payment Initiation via the ACH Network - To assist U.S. financial institutions with growing corporate customer needs, NACHA developed instructions outlining how to map the ISO 20022 payment files to ACH transactions. The ISO 20022 Mapping Guide standardizes the practice of mapping ISO 20022 formatted payment messages to corresponding NACHA file formats including CCD, CTX, and IAT. The purpose of this webinar is to instruct participants on usage of the Mapping Guide and to answer related questions.