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(Revised) Guidance for RDFIs on Meeting Phase 3 Requirement to Make Funds Available by 5:00 pm Local Time

April 11th, 2017

Effective with Phase 3 of Same Day ACH (on March 16, 2018), RDFIs must make funds available from Same Day ACH credits for withdrawal (including cash withdrawal at the teller or ATM as applicable) by 5:00 p.m. at the RDFI’s local time. This time is a “no later than” deadline by which funds must be available. RDFIs always have discretion to make funds available earlier. The revised guidance also addresses the applicability of Excused Delay to the handling of late delivery of same-day files.


Taking The Y2K Fear Factor Out Of Same Day ACH

April 6th, 2017

For this month’s Tracker Feature Story, PYMNTS recently caught up with Joe Casali, senior vice president of operations and IT for the New England Automated Clearing House (NEACH), on how his organization is working to help banks and other institutions prepare for the changes that come with the availability of Same Day ACH.


Updated: Same Day ACH for Businesses Essentials Guide

March 23rd, 2017

The "Same Day ACH for Businesses Essentials Guide" is a suite of resources that provide key guidance on Same Day ACH opportunities, benefits and value to businesses, and action plans for sending and receiving same-day payments. The "Essentials Guide" includes a PowerPoint presentation, an infographic, and three separate “essentials” documents outlining Same Day ACH implementation considerations for payables and receivables processes, including Hire-to Retire, Order-to-Cash, and Procure-to-Pay.

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Faster Payments, Happy Consumers?

March 1, 2017
The PYMNTS Faster Payments Tracker™, powered by NACHA, is your go-to resource for staying up to date on a month-by-month basis.