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Direct Deposit via ACH and Direct Payment via ACH simplify your payments, freeing you up to focus on the things that matter – within your organization and beyond. Countless individuals, employers and financial institutions have embraced Direct Deposit via ACH and Direct Payment via ACH to ensure timely payments, increase organizational and personal efficiencies and simplify their financial activities. Eliminate paper checks and strengthen the safety, security and reliability of your payments.

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Benefits of Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH

NACHA established in order to encourage individuals, businesses, large and small, and financial institutions to adopt Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH, both of which streamline payments capabilities. With paper checks going the way of the dinosaur, setting up ACH payments will make your financial transactions safe, smart, simple and green.

direct deposit logoDirect Deposit via ACH
Direct Deposit via the ACH Network means transferring money directly into a payee’s account without the hassle of writing or cashing a paper check. Employers and businesses regularly use Direct Deposit via ACH to pay employees or customers. Particular benefits include:

  • Financial institutions: Improved security and ease of your customers’ financial transactions.
  • Businesses and Small Businesses: Improved efficiency, less manual check preparation and increased employee satisfaction.
  • Consumers: Payments that are made on time, every time, without any concern about losing a check.

For all parties involved, Direct Deposit via ACH provides peace of mind by making the payment process clear and dependable.

direct payments logoDirect Payment via ACH
Direct Payment via ACH allows you to make and receive payments electronically. Whether you’re paying a friend, the utility company or organizing your business’s accounts payable and receivable, Direct Payments can simplify that process. Particular benefits include:

  • Financial institutions: Reduced risk of fraud and identity theft as well as an increase in customer loyalty.
  • Businesses and Small Businesses: Automated accounts payable and receivable, a more predictable cash flow and reduced administrative costs.
  • Consumers: Fewer missed or late payments and the versatility to make payments to whomever you choose.

Direct Payment via ACH offers you the flexibility and control to either set up a payment once to be made on a recurring basis or to make a one-time payment when you need to, and then move on to more important matters.