[Recording] How Consumers Want to Get Paid

Recorded April 21, 2020
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From Venmo to Zelle, consumers are finding ways to send payments with less effort. Similarly, consumers are expecting businesses to pay them with similar ease and convenience. For businesses, sending payments to consumers, specifically in the fields of insurance, banking and ISP services, sending paper checks is inefficient and outdated. This session focuses on companies and technologies that are building a directory and infrastructure that will give the users the ease and convenience they are seeking.

Questions answered in this session:

  1. How can an organization effectively pay large numbers of consumers seamlessly?
  2. What are the latest technologies and payment companies that are bridging B2B with P2P payments, by providing businesses an efficient push payment solution?


PJ Gupta
CEO & Founder, Checkbook

Forouz Firoozi
Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

Sam Aarons
Cofounder and CTO, Modern Treasury

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