[Recording] It's a Small World After All: Global Payment Synchronization & Deployment

Recorded April 20, 2020
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Global payment deployment is evolving rapidly from a regulatory and adoption perspective. The advent of SEPA Instant, linkage with Global Mass-Pay in more than 100 countries, and foreign exchange (F/X) options are combining with e-wallets in regions around the globe. Tremendous innovation is coming to North America as well, as investments in initiatives linked to Same Day ACH, real-time payments, and e-wallets are dominating boardroom agendas. In this panel discussion, industry leaders examine the realization and impact of global payments, both in terms of expanding accessibility, and how e-wallets and blockchain-based coins are impacting the industry to meet near and long-term strategic objectives. Attendees will learn about the regulatory framework impacting global payments and real-world use cases.

Questions answered by this session:

  1. What are the latest global trends in payments and deployment?
  2. What are some real-world use cases that illustrate adoption of global and real-time payments across the industry?


Steven Bernstein
Executive Director, Manager, North American Payables and Receivables Products and Markets, J.P. Morgan

Katja Lehr
Director, North American Products, Paypal Inc.

Alan Koenigsberg
SVP and Global Head of New Payment Flows, Visa Business Solutions

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