[Recording] Mitigating Security Weaknesses by Focusing on Payment Data

Recorded April 22, 2020
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Fraudsters have never been shy about using vulnerabilities to launch digital attacks that cost trillions of dollars in damage each year. What if payment professionals could identify payment patterns that would flag potential payment fraud before it occurred? This session discusses how corporate payment practitioners can harness the data around their payment practices to make their transactions more secure and train staff to recognize transactions that don’t match data-based patterns. Speakers provide engaging conversation around how to evaluate data, what to do once payment patterns have been established, and how to work with banking partners and third-party providers to ensure transactions are executed safely and securely.

Questions answered in this session:

  1. How can payment transaction data be used to establish payment patterns and protocols that mitigate risk?
  2. What opportunities exist to supplement data information to strengthen risk mitigation tools and practices?


Liam Cooney
Vice President, Mastercard

Ryan Stallings
Vice President, Business Analyst and Reporting Manager, J.P. Morgan

Laura Weinflash
Vice President, Product Management, Early Warning

Moderated by: Tracey Horn
VP, ACH Product Manager, J.P. Morgan

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