[Recording] Real-Time SSN Verification: What You Need to Know

Recorded April 22, 2020
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As synthetic and modified identity fraud continues to skyrocket, efforts are under way to launch the first-ever electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (eCBSV) service, which will allow financial institutions and service providers to verify in real time if a person’s SSN, name and date of birth combination matches Social Security records. As one of only 10 participants selected for the SSA’s initial roll-out for eCBSV, Early Warning is working with several of the country’s largest financial institutions to launch a pilot in which inquiries for deposit, credit card, lending and investment accounts can be processed. This session covers what’s being done to bring the historic eCBSV service to market and discuss what you need to know about this new tool to help curb the synthetic and modified identity problem across the industry.

Questions answered in this session:

  1. Where is Early Warning in the pilot process?
  2. What is being done to bring this service to market?


Randall Casciello
Senior Director Market Solutions, Early Warning

Cheryl Mittman
Director, Product Development, Early Warning

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