[Recording] Spotlight Speaker Series: ACH State of the Union

Recorded April 20, 2020
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In this session, representatives from The Clearing House, The Federal Reserve and Nacha provide a look at the current state of the ACH Network. The presenters cover trends in ACH Network volume and use cases, including the adoption and primary use case of Same Day ACH; new initiatives to improve the capabilities of the ACH Network and where Same Day ACH is headed; and current hot spots in ACH risk management and fraud prevention.  In addition, the speakers address how the ACH Network continues to operate in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the national emergency, and the need for organizations and individuals to practice social distancing. 

Questions answered in this session: 

  1. What is the current state of the ACH Network? Who’s using it and for what, including the Same Day ACH capabilities?
  2. What future enhancements to the ACH Network are coming and are being contemplated?


Nell Campbell-Drake, AAP
Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Michael L. Herd
Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration, Nacha

Alex C. Romeo
VP, EPN Product Manager, The Clearing House

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