[Webinar Recording] Same Day ACH Meets the Needs and then Some

Recorded Sept. 30, 2020
Recording available until May 15, 2021

AAP & APRP credits: 1.2

As the industry moves towards payments with faster settlement, Nacha has made enhancements to same day processing rules that have direct end-user impact.

In March 2020 the transaction dollar limit was raised to $100,000 per entry, and the average dollar amount of a same-day payment rose by 33%. In March 2021 ACH Network participants will have 2 additional hours every day for sending Same Day ACH payments. Both enhancements increase the accessibility of Same Day ACH.

Since its inception more than 700 million Same Day ACH payments have been made. Beginning in July 2019 more than 1 million Same Day ACH payments are made every day and the volume continues to grow. The biggest driver has been Direct Deposit and other consumer disbursements, but 2019 and 2020 are showing phenomenal growth of Same Day ACH for B2B payments.

Attendees will learn the scope and impact of the changes to Same Day ACH (including the impacts for end-users of the ACH); the most common, and some surprising, use cases for Same Day ACH payments; best practices for implementation and pitfalls to avoid; and insights into the future roadmap of Same Day ACH.


Debbie Barr, AAP, Nacha

Amy K. Morris, Nacha

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